For the Monday group and invitation to colleagues


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8, Monday 4th July 2005.


After we've caught up with each others' news of the week (and if you can't be here and have news to share do e-mail it in), there are three items from last Monday that we didn't have time for and that we could begin with this Monday. These are:


1) Moira's latest contribution on articulating the developing standards of judgement she is using to evaluate her educational influence at:


2) Dean Tian Fengjun's paper for our session on the 11th July, on 'How can I help my colleagues to become more collaborative and thus promote sustainable educational development?' at


Dean Tian is the Director of China's Experimental Centre for Educational Action Research in Foreign Languages Teaching and he will be accompanied by a colleague Mr. Gao and Moira.  If you are intending to come to the session on the 11th July, do please let me know so that I can make sure of numbers of seats and coffees.


3) Reviewing the June 2005 contributions to the BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG e-seminar and moving on to the July contributions.


The first thread for July continues from Brian Wakeman's June posting on Action Research and Spirituality. On Monday evening do let's review yesterday's postings from Alon, Alan, Pip Bruce-Ferguson, Paulus, Jack and any additions over the weekend. I was much taken this morning by Bob Geldof's phrase in his open letter to the leaders of the G8 – the joy of exuberant possibility – as a spiritual value that resonates with the life-affirming energy I experience in my educational relationships.


(Maggie and Jack hope to be making video-conference contributions to the Diverse conference on Tuesday morning taking place in the US. Maggie is flying in from Dublin on Monday, but may arrive too late for our sessio.   Details of Diverse at


Looking forward to the conversation on Monday,


Love Jack.