For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues

5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8,  Monday 30 May 2005.


After we have caught up with each other's news from the week, Dr. Joao Roe,  Head of Sensory Support Service in Bristol, will contribute some ideas from her work in the sensory support service. News already in for this week includes Margarada's conference presentations in Spain and Portugal over the next two weeks. We also have Paulus' e-mail:


"Following the successful contribution to the University of Sussex Diversity Week (March 2005) by

Nceku Nyathi (Doctoral candidate Leicester University Management School), Eden Charles (University of Bath  Doctoral Candidate,), Dr Jack Whitehead and I, an invitation to contribute to the Higher

Education Academy Forum in October 2005 was accepted by me yesterday on our behalf. The Higher Education Academy Forum conference theme this year is,  Engaging with Student Cultural Diversity in the Curriculum - what works?"


Student's work from Alan's Life Environment and People Course is now on display in the area just outside Alan's Office 3 South 1.23 in the upper foyer so do pop over and have a look. You can access Alan's latest painting 'Holding Openness'

at and see the course notes for the undergraduate curriculum on Life, Environment and People at


The video-projector is working again so on Monday I'll give a demonstration on how to contribute to the BERA e-seminar on The nature of educational theories. What counts as evidence of educational influences in learning?  I've been talking with Pete about how our reviews of each other's living theories could make a contribution to the national discussions on assessing quality in applied and practice-based research.


Erica's latest paper is in final draft form and should be ready to share in the next week or two. Jane is working on the final section of her doctorate and is coming over to Bath on the 8th July. I'm hoping that it will be possible for Jane to get together with Moira, Dean Tian and Mr. Gao maybe for lunch at 70 Bloomfield Ave around 1.00? Jean is now encouraging her students to develop their on-line communications as they support each other in their action research enquiries. Maggie gave a conference presentation yesterday in Ireland on her research into her pedagogy of the unique and web of betweenness  and I should have a report on this for Monday.


Dean Tian Fengjun, the Dean of the Foreign Languages and Literature Department at Guyuan Teachers' College and Director of China's Experimental Centre for Educational Action Research in Foreign Languages Teaching and Mr. Gao, a teacher in a Guyuan Middle School, have received their visas for their visit to the UK, hosted by John Bentley School and organised by Gordon Trafford. They will arrive on the 4 July and I'm hoping that they will make a contribution to our conversation on Monday evening, 11th July. Dean Tian and Moira heard this week that the book they have written on the action research approaches being developed in the Centre is to be published by Beijing Press. Moira is due back in the UK from the 17 June for the Summer break.


Marian's viva is on the 12th July with Alan Rayner as internal and Marion Dadds as external.


Love Jack.