Information for the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues:


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8. Monday 23 May 2005.


After we have caught up with each others' news from the week we will have the opportunity of a conversation with Maggie Farren from Dublin City University on her doctoral research. Maggie's Abstract is below together with four urls. These take you into the most exciting web-pages on the use of Information and Communication Technology in Education that I have seen. Do have a look at the sections on e-portfolios, research-based practice and Masters Dissertations with their Living Educational Theory action research enquiries.


Do e-mail in your news if you can't be here. News already in from this week:


Jean has accepted an invitation to organise a five day workshop on action research in South Africa. Branko has accepted a position on the Study of Pedagogy at the Philosophic Faculty in Osijek, Croatia and will be continuing with his doctoral enquiry into  "How can I help teachers to obtain new professional role of action researcher through e-learning and network cooperation." Moira is working this week with VSO staff in the Beijing office on how to collect data together and individually, so as to enable judgements to be made about effectiveness in fulfilling goals. Jackie's latest book, edited with colleagues, including Cheryl, is almost ready for the printers and I should have details to share next week.


Paulus has updated his web-site at

This contains details of his doctoral enquiry on, Performing The Meaningful: unfolding my personal epistemology: A mixed-race educator's story of his practice.


The front page contains the following welcome and hope:


Welcome to my multiracial and inclusive Postcolonial Living Education Theory - practice, research and becoming. 


By visiting, I hope to share with you some of my passion and spirit in Ubuntu - "Umuntu ngumuntu nagabantu" ~ 'A person is a person because of other people'


And live urls to the following:


My Teaching

My conversational-agency practice in organizations

Educational Research for me: Teacher as Researcher

What Action Research means to me

Autobiography and my Embodied ~ Emergent Values

Diversity and Inclusion

My PhD Inquiry


Alan, Maggie, Marian, Paulus, Je Kan – with having our BERA Symposium on the programme for the September Conference we all need to register for the Conference by 1st June. You need to go into:


accept the terms and conditions and access the registration form – details on how to obtain the forms for  a Student or Teacher Bursaries are on the registration form.


Details of the contexts which Ken and Stefan will be working in during their November visit with the Bereaved Parents/Family Forums of Palestinian and Israeli parents and relatives can be viewed at:,14195,1214886,00.html


Details of  Professor Sami Adwan's work from  Bethlehem University can be viewed at:


Here is Maggie's Abstract and the live urls for her web-site for Monday:




This thesis explores the growth of my educational knowledge, as higher education educator, over six years of self-study. I develop what I refer to as a 'pedagogy of the unique' by using a living educational action research approach, that allows me to develop my own living educational theory, as I research into how I can improve my practice. The context of my research is in collaboration with practitioners on an award bearing MSc in Computer Applications for Education and MSc in  ICT in Education and Training Management.


I have clarified the meaning of my values in the course of their emergence in my enquiry-based practice. I articulate these ontological values that have emerged and that have become stabilised as a constellation of values in my practice. In the context of my thesis, these values have become epistemological standards of judgement.


One of my stable standards of judgement, 'the web of betweenness', respects the unique constellation of values that I, and other practitioners, understood as teacher researchers, can contribute to a knowledge base of practice.  The 'web of betweenness' is a metaphor that conveys that we learn in relation to one another and it also relates to how we make use of ICT to bring this about.  This reflects my belief that education is dialogic in nature.  It also reflects my understanding of education as power with, rather than power over, others.  It is this power with that I have tried to embrace as I attempt to create a learning environment in which both I and my practitioners can grow personally and professionally. I appreciate that each person has a unique contribution to make in the construction of knowledge. The 'web of betweenness' has been generated and sustained through a spirit of community, which values each human being. 


As a researcher, I have supported practitioners in bringing their embodied values and expertise into the public domain as they design, develop and evaluate multimedia and web based artefacts for use in their own practice contexts. This has also involved the supervision of Master degree action research enquiries. This is a professional journey that has involved risks, courage and challenge, but I have learned that in creating my pedagogy of the unique, I learn and grow, recognising the contribution I myself make as an individual, and also recognising the contribution dialogue and collaboration with others achieves.


One of the ideas that has emerged for me in conversations and correspondence with Paulus Murray is the importance of learning how to contribute to the evolution of a postcolonial social formation (these are my words) through loyalty to humanity. An idea that Paulus introduced me to was being a 'traitor to whiteness'. I have come to understand 'whiteness' as power relations that sustain white supremacy and white privilege. Do please read the short article by Noel Ignatiev below with its heading on the top right hand corner of the page RACE TRAITOR - treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.

Ignatiev, N. (1997) The Point Is Not To Interpret Whiteness But To To Abolish It. Retrieved 17 May 2005 from

Do please also read the reflections of Major W Cox following the first conference on whiteness at Berkeley in 1997.

Cox. M. W. (1997) Time to Dismantle Whiteness. Retrieved 18 May 2005 from  


Love Jack.