For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues.

5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8, Monday 20th June, 2005.


The video-tapes of last Monday's conversation show our exploration with James and Ken on how to integrate Ken's two dances from India with the learning of James's pupils during their exploration of the theme of India. We can share any final thoughts on Monday before the lesson next week. David Berridge, a poet and teacher from Bradford on Avon has agreed to share his thoughts on 'What it means to me to be a poet responding to history and ecology?' as we seek to extend our understandings of how to represent our inclusional understandings of living standards of judgement. David has spent three years in a doctoral study of American and British Poets, since 1970, engaging with ecology and history.


Three more days to go in the first phase of the BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG e-seminar as we gather an archive of evidence on explanations of educational influence in learning from practitioner-researchers. Peter Mellett will start the next phase of the enquiry on the 18th  June with the intention of contributing to improvements in our understanding of the criteria we use to assess the quality of practitioner-researcher. Pete carried out the first BERA review in 1999 on Research-Based Professionalism and Action Research – see

You can make your contributions to both phases until the 23rd July – see the right hand menu bar of


I've added two more practitioner-researcher accounts to the masters programme section of


Mark Potts' MA Dissertation on How can I improve my practice by communicating more effectively with others in my role as a professional educator? Mark is a Deputy Head at Westwood School.


Catriona Williamson's Educational Enquiry of April 2005, on - How effective is Mere School at listening to 'the pupil's voice'? Catriona is Head of the Mere School.


You can access these accounts at:


I've also added a contribution to the networking letters of at:


This connects the research on pupil voice by Catriona, to Joan Whitehead's and Nick Clough's paper in the Journal of Education Policy and the review on the DfES Standards Site, and to Tim Heath's methods of educational enquiry account in his work as Head of St. Nicholas' School.


It also connects the master's educational enquiry accounts from teacher-researchers who participated in the teacher-researcher sessions at Westwood School to ideas from Kevin Eames' doctorate on educational enquiries at Wootton Bassett School.  The educational enquiries include those of Jayne, Simon and Karen before they moved on to their new jobs.


If you can't be here on Monday, do e-mail in your news to share with the group. Jean goes to South Africa on Monday for a week of AR workshops and presentations. Moira is on her way back from China today and will be joining Dean Tian Fengjun and Mr. Gao, in our conversation on the 11th July.


James and Marie have been talking with local teachers about the possibility of working with me on their educational enquiries and research methods in education in a group of some 16 teacher-researchers I'd like to work with from next September as part of our CPD programme. Joao – do give some thought to teachers working with you in the Sensory Support Service who might like to be part of this group.


Love Jack.