For the Monday Group and invitation to colleagues:


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8 Monday 18th July 2005.


Do e-mail in your news of the week if you can't be here.


First – Congratulations to Marian – or I should say - Dr. Marian Naidoo for the award of her doctorate for her thesis on, 'I am because we are (A never ending story). The emergence of a living theory of inclusional and responsive practice'. Marian and Madeline will both be graduating this coming Tuesday. You can imagine the pleasure in yesterday's celebrations after Marian's viva. (Marian - sorry I'll miss the Department of Education celebrations for our graduates on Tuesday morning, it's just that I'll be at Madeline's graduation in the morning)


For our last session of the 2004-2005 I thought we could just look back on advances in our understandings of inclusionality and on last Monday's contributions from Dean Tian Fengjun, Mr Gao and Moira. We could look at the paper just published in Action Research Expeditions by Tian Fengjun and Moira on:

How can we enhance educational and English-Language provision at our Action Research Centre and beyond?



There is a most impressive discussion forum in AR Expeditions where you can engage in correspondence about the paper. You enter the discussion forum and leave your posting from the Discuss This Paper  bar at the bottom of the page. So, do please respond to the paper.


We are into the last 10 day of the BERA e-seminar and Pete, Moira and Marian are working on contributions. I've managed to make a CD of the three video clips about Branko's work with colleagues and pupils in Croatia and will have these to show on Monday. I've sent on a CD to Moira for her to work on a response for the e-seminar.


Looking back over the year on the publication of Action Research for Teachers, the success of Alan's curriculum on Life, Environment and People, plus Marian's and Madeline's accomplishments, Alon's  writings, BERA and AERA Symposium presentations, the work at China's Experimental Centre for Educational Action Research in Foreign Languages Teaching, and Marie's work in BANES, have made it a memorable year to look back on. Looking forward to Monday and to continuing our conversations in the 2005/6 Academic Year.


Love Jack.