For the Monday group and invitation to colleagues.


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8, Monday 16th May 2005.


Erica Holley from Oxford Brookes University will be joining the conversation this coming Monday evening and I'd like to connect:


a)         the theme of the 3rd World Congress on Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management on 'Accounting for Ourselves' in 1994 (Erica's idea)


b)        Erica's research degree of 1997 on

How do I as a teacher-researcher contribute to the development of a living educational theory through an exploration of my values in my professional practice?


to a discussion on:


the contributions of our living educational theories and our evidence of our educational influences in our own learning, to the future of educational research (not only in the UK, but globally).


I'm thinking here of a conversation we could sustain on Monday evenings, over the next couple of months, focused on the BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG e-seminar 16 May – 23 July 2005. I'm also thinking of a conversation we could sustain on clarifying the processes we use for bringing our embodied values into the Academy as our living standards of judgement in our educational theories.


See the Draft details at:


together with the details of how to join in the e-seminar. There is still time to amend these details before the start of the e-seminar on Monday, and I'm still working on the ideas with Pete and Moira.


I'll be continuing this work with Pete over the time of the seminar to revisit the principles he set out in his BERA review of 2000 on Educational Action Research within Teaching as a Research-Based Profession at


and to relate these to the living standards of judgement in both our educational theories and in the evidence of our educational influences we share in the course of this e-seminar. You can read some notes Peter has produced from his BERA 2000 Review by clicking here


You can access Assessing Quality in Applied and Practice-based Educational Research by John Furlong and Alis Oancea, Oxford; University of Oxford, Department of Educational Studies by clicking here


Love Jack.