For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues.


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8 Monday 28/11/05


Belle Wallace will be joining this Monday's conversation. Belle is currently President of the National Association for Able Children (NACE); Editor of 'Gifted Education International'


You can see details of a day with Belle on 2nd February 2006 on Thinking Actively in a Social Context (TASC) at:


(Irris and Shelley – it would be good to see you to hear about developments in your enquiries with the Bereaved Parent's Forum)


When we've had our usual check in to catch up with each other's week, do let's return to the DVD we made of John's session on the 14th Nov. on Astrology, Philosophy and Ethics. Looking at the flow of John's expression of his embodied meanings of astrological symbols does support his view that that an embodied engagement with astrology can be of great value as a tool for ethical and philosophical self-enquiry.


Jean leaves New Zealand tomorrow after her lecture and AR workshop tour of several New Zealand Universities including the University of Auckland and Massey University. Jean is moving on to lectures and workshop in South Africa tomorrow, then on to Ireland and returns to the UK on the 6th December. Sage have sent the proof copies of Action Research: Living Theory and we are hoping that this will be out in time for AERA in April.


Je Kan has made impressive moves forward in his use of multi-media technology and intends to have his doctoral thesis submitted before the end of this academic year. Cathy Aymer should be graduating with her action research doctorate on Seeking Knowledge for Black Cultural Renewal on the 6th December. So, Jean's return and Cathy's doctorate to celebrate as well as the British Council Seminar in the evening of the 6th  that Simon, Karen and Jack are contributing to on teacher education.


On Monday I'll bring copies of this month's Alumni Magazine that contains a profile on Moira's work in China. Great photographs of Moira and Dean Tian and Mr. Gao who visited the group last July. Moira's weekly newsletter continues to carry her passion for education and the knowledge of the extension of influence of the AR accounts of her colleagues. It may be possible for Moira to continue her work in China after the end of her fifth year on VSO in July 2006.


Three copies of the new book  Action! Research: Excellence in Teaching, by Jackie, Cheryl and Ron Wideman (Ron is Dean at Nipissing University) are on order for the Library and I'll let you know as soon as they are in.


Marie is continuing to draft out ideas for a research programme and the emerging focus seems to be stabilising around an enquiry into the generation of her living educational theory in her work in education. Margarida sent in some up to date references, for Viv's dissertation on bullying, that appeared to be showing an increase in bullying by girls.


For Information:


I sent a note round this morning to various e-forums including BERA, CARN (The collaborative Action Research Network) S-STEP (The self-study of teacher-education practices group of AERA), The Practitioner-Research SIG of BERA and ALARPM (Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management).  I've included it here for information and I'm hoping you'll want to access the 7th World Congress e-forum for ALARM  to help extend the archive of inclusional explanations of educational influence we helped to generate through the BERA Practitioner-Research SIG  e-forum from May-July 2005. Brian Wakeman the convenor of the BERA Practitioner-Research SIG has already responded in the World Congress e-forum and I think his questions could help to form a keynote seminar proposal for BERA 2006 in Warwick (6-9 September). Do see what you think. Deadline for submission of abstracts for keynote symposia is Monday 6 January 2006 and the deadline for the main conference abstracts is Friday 20 January.


Here's the note:


"I'd like to extend my contribution to understandings of the standards of practical judgement used by educational researchers to constitute research as educational. To do this I'm hoping that you'd like to join me in extending and developing a living archive of accounts by educational researchers that can explain their educational influences in their own learning, in the learning of others and in the learning of social formations.


A start has been made in the May-July 2005 BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG e-seminar - see the What's New section of  . You can see the kind of archive I've got in mind, from the e-seminar, in Branko Bognar's  response of the 3rd July 2005 to my request for evidence of educational influences in learning. Branko's posting gave access to three video-clips that showed himself, the teachers he was working with and the pupils, researching their own learning in a school in Croatia. The three clips on action research, creativity and validation, with the visual narrative of the text superimposed on the video-clips, communicated the meanings of action research, creativity and validation as living standards of practice and judgement. You can access the video-clips with the English sub-titles by browsing down the following paper to Branko's letter which begins 'Dear Friends' in:


I've got four events in mind for 2006 where developing an archive of explanations of educational influence could help to enhance understandings of standards of practice and judgement in education:


1) At AERA in April 2006, in San Francisco, the Business Meeting of the Action Research Special Interest Group will include a presentation, coordinated by Michael Brody, of web-based resources such as Action Research Expeditions at:


If you have accounts on the web that could help educational researchers to enhance their understandings of living standards of educational judgement do please add access to these accounts to the archive (details below), I could then include them in the presentation at AERA.


2) On the 19th June 2006 there is a gathering in Bath to explore the potential of living educational theories of educational influences in professional learning. You can access the details from the What's New section of at:


At this gathering I intend to draw the attention of the participants to the archive in relation to educational standards and explanations of educational influence.  If you would like to add to the archive of evidence of educational influences in learning, from the BERA 2005 Practitioner-Researcher e-seminar, just click the 'Join or Leave the Living Archive' button in the What's New section and when you receive a confirmation from me, just add the details of the research that you believe will contribute to our understandings of the standards of practice and judgement that constitute research as educational and/or explain educational influences in learning.


3) The 7th World Congress on Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management is taking place between the 21st-25th August 2006 in Groningen. The web-site for the Congress contains a guest forum that is open to all interested participants. What I am suggesting we could do, between now and August 21-25 2006, is to make contributions to this guest forum that will help to develop a living archive of research accounts that shows the standards of judgement we use to constitute our research as educational and the explanations we believe can explain educational influences in learning. You can access the details of the World Congress with its focus on standards, and the guest forum from the What's New section of  .  If you access the guest forum you will see I've started a thread on 'Evidence of our Standards in Accounting for Ourselves'. 'Accounting For Ourselves' was the theme of the 3rd World Congress.


4) The call for proposals for BERA 2006 at the University of Warwick, 6-9 September is now out. It might be that a group of us could submit a proposal to the Practitioner-Researcher SIG for a symposium on Standards of Practice and Judgement in Practitioner-Research and Educational Theory and/or submit a proposal for a keynote seminar. Do let me know if you are interested.


Love Jack."