For the Monday evening group and an invitation to colleagues:


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8,  23rd January 2006.


News from last week for including in our conversation.


Margaret Farren's  paper on How can I support a web of betweenness through information and communications technology (ICT), presented at an EARLI invited SIG symposium in 2005, is now available from at:


Maggie is a Lecturer in E-Learning, School of Education Studies of Dublin City University and is hoping to join us on Monday to share her ideas on a web of betweenness and a pedagogy of the unique. So, do please have a look at the paper before Monday evening.

Marian will be joining us to talk through her post-doctoral enquiries. Marian is now working for the Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP) and her business card shows that Dr Marian Naidoo is now working with the Corporate Development Team as National Project lead for physical health. Marian is working to enhance the physical health of individuals receiving support from the mental health services. 

Jean, Marie, Jack, Maggie and Marion have been working hard to meet tomorrow's BERA deadline for submission of proposals. Marion and Jack have a proposal submitted that focuses on Marion's idea of empathetic validity in practitioner research. Marion was the external examiner for Marian's thesis and we both feel that Marian communicated meanings of passion for compassion, through a video narrative, that required recognition of empathetic validity by the examiners.


Jean is submitting a symposium proposal on, How do we explain the significance of the validity of our self study enquiries for the future of educational research?  This includes individual contributions from Jean, Jack and Maggie.


Jane and Erica are discussing the possibility of meeting tomorrow's deadline with a proposal. Jane is in the final phase of her doctoral writing as she clarifies the meanings of knowledge transformation in her roles as creative writer, educator and Head of Department.


Viv's dissertation is now ready for submission on The Role of Structured Approaches in the Management of Bullying Situations, and I'm hoping that we can develop further our understandings of how to reduce bullying through responding to students' experiences of bullying to develop anti-bullying strategies. It might feel appropriate to connect this part of our conversation to a question I've been working on, 'How am I enhancing my educational influences with racialising discourses of whiteness in living educational theories?' You can access the draft of my paper so far at . What is fascinating me is how to ensure that a flow of life-affirming energy can be expressed with a recognition of being white without being impeded by the scarifications of 'whiteness'.


Alon is continuing with his writing up of his thesis on a heuristics of human existence. Perhaps we could fix a date for a Monday evening conversation that pays sustained attention to Alon's ideas?


Mariie's draft educational enquiry on 'How can I improve my practice...?' for the masters programme is at: .  Marie's proposal for a doctoral research programme has been submitted. Marie is video-taping Barry Hymer today and Barry is writing up his Ed.D. thesis. Barry is working on the philosophy for children programme for B&NES.


If anyone has any advice from experiences of South Africa to share with Jean, Jack and Joan before their visits to Universities in Stellenbosch, the Free State and the Western Cape from 18th Feb-8th March do please share it. Jean is continuing with her work in Khayelitsha, a township near Cape Town.


Moira is intending to contribute to our session on the 6th February before her return to China in the final phase of her five year programme of VSO at Guyuan Teachers College and China's Experimental Centre for Educational Action Research in Foreign Language Teaching. After reviewing her time in China I think Moira would like to think through some ideas related to VSO's exit strategy from China in 2009.  


John and his supervisor Patrick from Bath Spa University are hoping to contribute to our conversation on the 30th Jan. when we'll return to John's research into astrology as a tool for philosophical and ethical self-enquiry and our conversation and video-tape of the 14th November.


Any other news I've missed do e-mail it in so we can keep up to date with what you are doing.


Love Jack.