First Monday Evening Educational Conversation of the New Year.


For the Monday group and an invitation to all colleagues:


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8  9/1/06.


Let's first catch up with each others' news from the last couple of weeks and our hopes for the New Year. After that, here are some contributions for 2006  we could bring into the evening's conversation.


i)                             Establishing a virtual space for cooperation for living theory action research with Branko Bognar and Moira Laidlaw.


Some of you will already know of Branko's work from the video-clips and visual narrative he contributed to the BERA 2005 practitioner-researcher e-seminar. Having worked for six years as a primary school teacher in the small Croatian town of  Cazma, and then later as a pedagogue in the Primary School 'Vladimir Nazor' in Slavonski Brod, Branko has now taken up a post in the Faculty of Philosophy at Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, where he has responsibility for the professional education of pedagogues  and teachers.


You can enter the Moodle site Branko has established at and log in.  In the left hand menu you will see the spaces for educational conversations, action research, meetings and using Moodle.  Do please participate  in the conversation started by Branko in the Using Moodle section on  How to establish a virtual space of cooperation for living theory action research. You might be able to access this directly from:

but to make a contribution you will need to log in.


Here is Branko's note:

"Dear friends, I would be glad that we discuss possibilities of establishing and maintaining our virtual space of cooperation for living theory action research. I would like that it become shared project of people who are interested in action research and willing to dedicate time and energy for cooperation and mutual learning. It also means taking responsibility for realisation of particular purposes.

In the very beginning, idea was that Moira and me represent our educational conversation and to allow others to include. But after reconsidering, I detect real problem which can be described as lack of communication about action researches on international level. I can see all around the world (Internet) how people connect and communicate about various topics. Only action researchers do not do it slackly, permanently and variously. Surely, motive of my initiative is not in imitating others but in my own need to be active participant in sharing ideas, experiences and learning. I suggest that we discuss about following aspects of networked cooperation:

purposes of our Moodle site,

peoples (whom to invite and how, what will be roles of team members and participants),

process (rules, practice)

technology (how to adopt and manage technology that it serve to our needs) ( Bruck, 2004 ).


For the beginning we do not need too much participants but several well motivated who are willing to cooperate. We can agree on how to include newcomers. Warm regards,  Branko"

ii)                         The web-site on proprioception Margarida drew out attention to a couple of weeks ago is at . Jean sent the proofs of Action Research Living Theory back to Sage yesterday and we are hoping that the book will be published in time for AERA in April. Jean has organised a workshop on action research in Khayelitsha (near Cape Town SA) next week. Moira is in Beijing and is having a conversation on Thursday with VSO to explore possibilities for several more years in China supporting the development of action research in teacher education. Maggie is coming over from Ireland for her viva on the 23rd Jan. Marie and Jack have been working on multi-media visual narratives of their educational enquiries. They have a DVD, produced using high definition video and the application i-DVD studio pro that, like the 8 screens of Sky News can bring to life multiple contributions to educational conversations. They are looking forward to hearing your responses to see if such multi-media representations can help to communicate the living critical standards of judgement that are appropriate for developing our understandings of inclusionality. Namrata has sent us New Year greetings and is continuing her work in the Centre for Microfinance for Women, in India. Irris is visiting Palestinian and Israeli parents and educators to explore possibilities of collaboration. Shelley has sent a copy of film she has made of Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam.

Alon writes: 'The unit of appraisal in my thesis is the story of my self-actualising in my own learning as I critically, openly, reflectively, re-appraisingly, reflexively and evocatively ask, research and answer the ontological, ethical, methodological and epistemological questions that are in my intention at the time of enquiry. This is in light of, in line with and in the spirit of my developing an appropriate, pluralistic, understanding of methodological inventiveness for my present intentions, context and heuristics of human existence in the course of my enquiry, as pleaded for by Dadds and Hart (2001: 166-7) and Lomax and Parker (1995: 302).'



iii)                      Dates and Events for 2006.


6 Feb  - Moira will be reviewing accomplishments over the past 4.5 years on VSO in Guyuan and sharing her hopes and intentions for 2006 and beyond.

27th Feb-8 March  - Jean, Joan and Jack are giving lectures and workshops on action research at the University of the Free State, at the University of the Western Cape and at Stellenbosch University.


7-11 April - Maggie, Jean, Jack and Joan are presenting at AERA in San Francisco.


19-21 April - Alan, Marian and Yaqub are contributing to the international conference in the Assembly Rooms in Bath on  Unhooked Thinking: searching for the roots of addiction. See


Moira is organising a conference in May, with her colleagues at China's Experimental Centre for Educational Action Research in Foreign Languages Teaching in Guyuan.  Jean and Jack have received invitations to present.


Marie is organising a conference on Heads and Hearts in Learning on the 19th June.  see .

Our proposals for BERA 06 in Warwick, 6-9 September, need to be in by Friday 20th January. It's unclear from the BERA website if proposals for keynote Symposia have to be in by Monday 9th Jan or the 6th Jan.


Looking forward to our first Monday evening's conversation of 2006.

Love Jack