For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues.

5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8 Monday 8.05.06


After we've caught up with each others' news from the week do let's give some thought to Alon's proposal for the 7th  World Congress on Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management in Groningen 21-24 August 2006. You can view Alon's proposal on 'A Heuristic Approach to the Construction of an Ontological Living Theory at:


Marie, Jack, Yaqub, Jean, Maggie and Madeline are working on proposals do send them along when you have submitted them.


You can access details of the World Congress and the guest e-forum from the top of the What's New section of .   It was Erica's original idea that the theme of the 3rd World Congress in Bath in 1994 should be Accounting for Ourselves and I've opened an e-forum for the 7th World Congress on Evidence of our standards in accounting for ourselves. Do log on to the guest e-forum and add your ideas and responses to those already there.


Following our review of the Unhooked Thinking Conference 19-21 April in the Assembly Rooms with contributions from Yaqub, Alan, Ken, Shaun, Marian and William do let's think about further opportunities for taking forward our enquiries into inclusionality. There is an initial paper to stimulate further thinking from William on Unhooked Well-Being at


Jane has written a most engaging story on The Thought Doctor and The Fellow Traveller called Eye and The Fellow Traveller. You can access this at: I could recognise my own desire to resist being The Thought Doctor whilst reading Jane's story!


Eleanor's examiners congratulated her yesterday after her viva on her thesis on Love at Work and are recommending the award of a doctorate to Senate. I'm looking forward to celebrations with both Maggie and Eleanor at our July graduations and to many more educational conversations to come.


Jean and Jack are visiting Guyuan Teachers College from the 9th-20th May. Guyuan Teachers College now has been granted University status and becomes Ningxia Teachers University in September 2006.

Late addition - Marie's and Jack's draft paper on How do i~we explain the educational influences of our values in our own learning and in the learning of others?