For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues.


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8, Monday 3rd October.


After we've caught up with each others' news from the week do let's see what we'd like to develop from last week's conversation. I'm thinking of Pete's suggestions for reviewing the archive of the 2005 BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG e-seminar. I'm hoping to focus my own response on my learning from Branko's and Moira's contributions. Ken is working on ideas for his work, in early November in the Middle East on dance, Qi Gong and action research with the bereaved Palestinian and Israeli parents of children killed by the bombings and shootings. David – it would be good to keep up to date with your work in the prison service and with people receiving mental health service support in relation to your equestrian policy in Leicestershire. This might link with Marian's work in co-ordinating government policy on enhancing the physical health of people receiving mental health service support.  Marian's multi-media Ph.D. I am because we are (A never ending story). The emergence of a living theory of inclusional and responsive practice is now in the University Library and the text can also be accessed, without the DVD, at .


Jean is working on the development of a masters programme with teachers in a Black township in South Africa and the text of Action Research: Living Theory should be with the publishers in a few weeks. Jane finished her second book on story over the summer and it is now being piloted by OUP in China – Moira – Jane's book on story could be helpful for your colleagues and students at Guyuan Teachers College and in CECEARFLT?


James is preparing a visual narrative for the Tuesday evening masters group and it might be possible to have a practice run through with this on Monday (James – I'll pop into the school tomorrow to collect the CD at lunchtime).  Wednesday morning's breakfast cafˇ conversation with colleagues from BANES convened by Marie is now underway and you might like to hear how Chris Jones, a colleague of Marie's is working on the Inclusion Quality Mark with teachers, pupils and schools in BANES. I might have a brief video-clip of Chris talking about the IQM – I just need her permission to show it.


Last Monday we said that we'd focus some of our conversation this Monday on Alon's writings for his doctorate on:


How Do I Consistently and Methodically Lead A More Meaningful and Gratifying Existence In and With the World for Myself? A Heuristic Approach to Constructing My Ontological Living Theory.


Do please look through Alon's brief writings at:


and while I'd like us to focus our responses on our understandings of his Abstract it would be good to hear your responses to his Introduction on Framing the Thesis.


In relation to Alon's writings if you have time to read Geoff Whitty's Presidential Address to BERA from the 17th September 2005 at:


it will help to emphasise the significance of making a distinction between the theories (of education) generated by sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, historians, political economists and management and leadership theorists, and the living educational theories generated by practitioner researchers.


Jackie is organizing this year's Act, Reflect, Revise conference in Ontario and I'm delighted to be giving the keynote on the 10th November. I'll be emphasizing the importance of Jackie's work on creating a culture of inquiry and on the development of a living theory approach to practitioner-research. The Inclusional Round Tables for the coming semester, convened by Alan are scheduled at 1.15 (or 12.15, as noted below) in his office at 4 South 0.42 on the following dates: Monday 3 October, Wednesday 12 October, Monday 24 October, Wednesday 2 October (12.15), Monday 14 November, Wednesday 23 November (12.15), Monday 5 December, Wednesday 14 December.


Joao is busy with the restructuring of the Sensory Support Service in Bristol and will join us when she can. Maggie is in the final stage of the submission of her doctorate on the development of her pedagogy of the unique through a web of betweenness and we are expecting submission in October. Eden and Yaqub are working to have complete drafts of their doctorates by the 1st March 2006. Je Kan is asking for responses to his BERA presentations on the living action research list and you can access the archive of the LAR list from the What's New section of

Paul has just signed a one year contract as guest professor at Guadalajara University, Mexico. Paul hopes to be teaching on the Masters in Administration programme to being involved in projects to do with regional development, sustainability and eco-tourism. Paul is also offering workshops on action research to teachers in the University. I'm hoping that we will be able to keep in regular connect with Paul as he moves his post-doctoral enquiries forward from his doctoral enquiry: Tracking my unique form of relational emergent practice, as it has evolved over the six years of this thesis, using the method of writing accounts of my work and sharing these with people I have been working with in cycles of action and reflection (what I call in short 'showing my work to others'), will demonstrate the originality of this work as well as its contribution to both 'living life as inquiry' and to a 'living educational theory'.

Any news to share, just e-mail it in.


Love Jack.