5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8 Monday 1 May 2005


For the Monday Group and an invitation to colleagues.


After we've caught up with each others news from the week Eleanor Lohr will share ideas from her doctoral enquiry into Love and Work. The ideas will include the experience and meaning of a pedagogy of presence.   Marie and Jack will share their latest co-authored multi-media writings on their living standards of judgement at http://www.jackwhitehead.com/marie/mhjwvalues.htm and we will continue with our reflections on Unhooked Thinking.


Having examined Samih AL-karasneh's doctoral thesis on 'Participants' perspectives of initial social studies teacher preparation in Jordan', I was particularly pleased with this week's news that he has been appointed as  Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Yarmouk University Jordan. Samih's full address is:


Dr. Samih AL-karasneh.

Associate  Professor

Curricula and Instruction 

Dept.Faculty of education

Yarmouk University- Jordan  P.O. Box 1792, Post code

211-63Phone: 00962- 77346194

Email: nhsamih@ yahoo.com


Simon has his transfer seminar on Wednesday afternoon at 2.15 do come along if you can make it. Room details will be on the Board in the Foyer of the Department.


Tuesday's web-based keynote on 'The Living Educational Theories of Workers as Action Researchers and Lifelong Learners' was presented to the Work-based Learning Network Conference at University of Northampton.   You can access this at:   http://www.jackwhitehead.com/monday/jwkeynorth0406.htm

Love Jack.